The Solitary Seed

by Bradley Widman




The Solitary Seed is an example of meditative literature, designed to enhance the artist’s role inside his spiritual realm of creativity. Written by full-time painter Bradley Widman, this book delivers us into a different form of consciousness as we commune with the eternal aesthetic self. It brings us into the light of the artist's existence; and at the same time, experiencing Widman’s highly allegorical overtures of aesthetic theory; paintings and poetry. The Solitary Seed is a poetic analysis of art that brings each of us into the fullness of our own creative and unique natures. It is an experience in the exploration of the allegorical. Widman infuses spirituality and art in his unique way, by which he communicates to young aspiring artists, revealing to them their own nobility through the planting of aphoristic seeds of wisdom. The result is an artist enlightened.



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