Bradley is a self taught painter living in Amherst, New York. He paints full-time, exclusively with oil on canvas. His works typically utilize a pallet limited to earth tones of green, red, mustard and brown. He produces two to three canvasses per month and includes framing of his own construction in each painting.  A disciplined and monastic lifestyle is manifest through his work. Figures, some of human form representing infants through adult age predominate, and in some cases take on a distinctive, specific form such as anthropomorphic deer, birds, or monks in over-sized robes. Nudes, of both sexes, are shown in organically geometric and ornamental adornment.


 The overall effect conveying spiritually and psychologically charged allegory. The structure of his completed works provide an architecture which serves as a habitat within which the figures can play out roles. Given this scheme, the viewer is brought to an esoteric territory that lies beyond a normal mode of perception, and into which we might ultimately be drawn by Widman’s overtures.  This is part of his intent anyway, to give us, the viewers, an opportunity to “visit” a different consciousness.


"If I could write a few words to explain what carries my existence, it would be that God's voice is not of our voice, God's voice is of art."


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